Do what you want to do with a credit card But don't do these things

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Credit Utilization Ratio >30%

Make sure your credit utilization is less than 30% of your credit limit, otherwise your credit score will go down


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Only making minimum payments

Not paying your bill in full can put you in debt and rack up unnecessary interest charges.


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Missing a payment

Late or missed payments can seriously hurt your credit score


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Neglecting to review your billing statement

It’s a good idea to check your transactions a few times each week to verify everything looks OK.


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Not knowing your APR and applicable fees

It is important that you interpret the terminology and review the important account terms so you understand all applicable fees.


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Perhaps one of the riskiest things to do with your credit card is to take out a cash advance.Interest starts accruing on the amount of cash you withdraw immediately

Taking out a cash advance


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Not understanding introductory 0% APR offers

you should review the fine print associated with the offers to know exactly when the intro 0% APR period begins and ends


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Maxing out your credit card

Using the majority, or all, of your available credit is never a good idea. Your utilization rate will be very high, which can lower your credit score.


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Closing a credit card

when you’re charged an annual fee that isn’t outweighed by the card’s benefits, then only close credit card


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Applying for new credit cards too often

 Try to only apply for credit as needed Each time you apply for credit, a new inquiry appears on your credit report. The more inquiries in a short period of time, the greater risk you appear to lenders. 


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