New feature in Android. Don’t have those difficulties in calls

Google will introduce a new feature in Android 13

Don’t be annoyed by phone calls! Google will introduce a new feature in Android 13 for noise pre-calling on the phone.

This feature works on all mobile networks.

Internet desk. If there is a noise disturbance in the middle of talking on the phone, it is very irritating. Moreover, what the other person is saying is not heard properly. Google will check this problem in Android 18 which will be released soon.

For this, the new OS brings a noise cancellation feature called “Clear Calling”. This feature reduces noise disturbance when the user is making phone calls. Clear calling feature works for all mobile networks.

Information that this feature does not work in phone calls made through simple keypad phones. Google says that Android 13 Ocean has been developed with personal privacy, language, and security in mind.

It says that significant changes have been made in terms of user interface. This OS will gradually be available on Samsung Galaxy, Asus, Nokia, iCoo, Motorola, OnePlus, Oppo, Realba, Techni, Vivo, Xiaomi and other phones.

In addition, Google has said that the Android 14 beta version will be updated on Pixel phones from April 2023.

It is reported that the satellite connectivity feature will be introduced to the users. On the other hand, Android 18 Beta (QPR) will be made available to users from September.

While the Android 13 beta has already been released, the QPR1 version will be available to users till March 2023.

Ted’s sources believe that two QPR versions will be released, and the full Android 13 OS will be released in December.