1. Not having a plan

When you don’t have a plan. This causes having the feeling of being lost and publishing a little of everything but without many results.

It is essential to have a park guide and for what, so that you have clear where to take your business and give it the proper address

Remember that it is crucial to develop your content plan. Especially at the beginning. Think mainly about your client and the topics that involve and benefit them and generate valuable content around them.

What can you do?

If you still don’t have a plan in place, the first thing I would recommend so you sit down for a few hours and put it together. You can download the template in the from many sources whether It is books or Internet.

What kind of goals can you have?

Here are some examples:

  • Grow your community.
  • Generate more engagement.
  • Educate on a topic related to your company,
  •  Launch a giveaway.

2. Not having contemplated investment for the networks (Instagram Mistakes)

Many times, I have heard entrepreneurs say that they are not attracting enough people to their businesses, but when I ask them if they are making any type of investment in marketing they tell me that they are not.

You will always have to invest something, if it is not money it is time. I personally believe that to grow your business. both things must be reversed.

Nowadays the organic reach (without paying) of the publications on social networks is very low, less than 5% of your fan base sees the publications you make.

What can you do ?

consider some investment

The important thing is that you have a clear plan so that they are strategic investments in things that are aligned with the objectives of your business and above all that you do it properly from the commercial administrator so that you can maximize the budget

Please, do not do it from the promote button that appears in the suggestion of the publication.

3. Sell, sell and sell ( Instagram Mistakes )

No, no and no please! If you want to sell. do not do it!

I know, I know; it sounds extremely contradictory but

let’s face it, who loves that when you finish

to enter a store because you liked something, appear

behind you that salesman who is only seeing you can

open wallet face. To nobody!

Do not make the mistake of transforming your social networks

in virtual catalogue.

What can you do?

Remember that it is super important that before selling

We have to provide benefits to our future

Customer and the way to do it is by generating valuable content.

How can you generate valuable content?

Here are some ideas for this type of publication;

Tips, Resources, Inspiration, Testimonials, behind the scenes, Fun facts, Information of interest (related to your product or service WITHOUT direct sales purpose)

4. Be on all social networks. ( Instagram Mistakes )

A very common mistake is wanting to be

present in all Social Networks that exist in the

market even if your target audience is not

present or do not have adequate resources

to have a good presence in them.

what can you do?

Create a plan to know in which Social Networks we should

focus our communication. Is not the same

Facebook than LinkedIn, or Twitter than Instagram, etc.

Each one has a different objective and addresses a completely different target. Find out where your

I publish and forget about the Networks where you will not get anything.

And the most important thing opens the networks that you can attend.

do not open accounts to open them and then leave them abandoned.

5 Using too many irrelevant hashtags

The importance of hashtags in our

posts on Instagram or twitter is essential

but please. use them with measure and analyze them.

There is nothing more hateful than those posts

where 19 out of 20 words are behind the pads.