Five Habits that should avoid for good habits.

Five Habits that should avoid for good habits.

1. Mobile Checking

We are not complaining about use of mobile phone, but use only mobile phone if it is important.

Avoid Mobile Checking for multiple times, if you check you are mobile multiple time on productive hours, or the time when you are doing any important task. Now a days in our mobile filled with unwanted Android or iphone application like games, videos, camera, etc. this application will keep running every time in backend of application and it’s keep notified by notification message.

For Example : I am using mobile phone with different types of application, while am doing my important work of office I received message from friend in WhatsApp says How are you, I replied fine, than again message where are you, I replied office work, again message received He want to buy mobile in online which mobile is best, I replied with buy mobile as per your required work n all,

Like this multiple time messaging will get forgot our work task to complete with in production hours.

So for Habits that should avoid for good habits, is Avoid Multiple checking Mobile, if it doesn’t important.

2. Perfection. (Habits that should avoid for good habits)

Perfection is not a goal, Most of the people tried, to do perfect in any task,

But they are postponed to other time.

For Example: Initially we are tried to do, how better way to explain in our website about topics, like any thing related, How to, Trending topic, etc.

We wasted lot of time to think about this. After sometime we realized that don’t waste time on thinking about better way just do as much you like to do the improvement will automatically come better way.

Perfection in your work is not a bad habit, but don’t stop your work for only the perfection.

3. Multitasking.

Most of the people think, it’s a good habit for multitasking, and they do also, The wonderful thing god has given us, is our brain, our brain keep thinking multiple ways Constantly. Initially when we are writing any article for our website our brain thinks another one like what next article should we write, and because of this our work will get postponed for some time. And the same way in our like we do certain work and thinking another one, we will waste the time do present work, to overcome this what you have to do first complete your present work and do next work, be in schedule of work and stick on it, if your time in your hands then absolutely time will work as guide.   

4. Interruption.

Your’ re busy with some work same time you’re friend called to you and say let’s go for a movie. And you replied with No and hung up the call.  Again called you’re friend says can we play cricket now and you replied with No and hung up the call. And again called and say at least can we play games and you replied with yes just because of multiple time asking.  Actually if we decided to do not distract with any thing for focusing our work then why we should receive this call. Like this type of distraction you should avoid on work times. Like this type of calls make a silent mode and received the call after you finished work and reply with you are busy on when called.

Be Sincere Don’t get Distracted. for good habits

5. Being Disorganized. (Habits that should avoid for good habits)

This is very common time wasting problem, But No one notice this. We are not doing any work with organized. For Example: Not getting our bike keys while we want to go for a market or any place, after we came to house we place our bike keys like anywhere and we forgot the place where we place keys, and we searching to find keys while we want to travel with bike. We search key on the key holder, table, etc. but never find this and the last we get the keys in our pocket only.  Now if you think you will identify how much time you’re wasting for just searching keys. SO we should work with Organized. Like place all our office paper into one place, our id proof should into one place.

If we ignore this type of things we will waste our lot of time for searching this things only.

So Be Organised.

So This all the type of habits that unconsciously wasting our Valuable time.

Hope you learn something new here, if so than share with others, or any comment or suggest please write us.

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