All you need to know about the central board of film certification India 2021.

Every day we watch movies, but before we start any movie we see a certificate, have you ever thought about that certificate, what is that certificate, who gives that certificate, what is the use of the certificate.

Now lets find out so many things today.

In our India, we have Censor Board India Film Certificate, or CBFC, once when we have receive Certification from Censor Board, Indian Film Certificate, then only a film can be released to the public. This is not just for movies, but also for commercials, TV shows or any other show to show people.

Indian censorship is the most powerful censor board in the world based on the strict rules of the censor board.

The alphabet letter U ( All you need to know about CBFC )

Now back to the point, this certificate shows up when the movie starts in 10 seconds. The letter U in this certificate is in large size, This U means unrestricted means this movie can be seen by adults or children or adult with children or anyone can see this movie.

The alphabet letter U/A ( All you need to know about CBFC )

Sometime U/A will b see, this means unrestricted with caution, means the film can see the children with their parent only or with Adults, the more than 12-year-old person can see this film with no restriction.

The alphabet letter A ( All you need to know about CBFC )

Alphabet A Letter This only means that the movie can only be viewed by people over the age of 18, and children are not allowed under the Supreme Court rules for this movie.

Tringle Shape ( All you need to know about CBFC )

In this certificate sometimes a triangle shape diagram, we can see. This means that the sensor board was cut somewhere in the film, and sometimes, we did not see the shape of this triangle, then it means that the sensor board did not make changes in the film.

Movie release dates ( All you need to know about CBFC )

In the left corner of the movie certificate. It is the name of the movie and the language in which the movie is made, the movie is made in 2D or 3D, color or black n white movie, how much of the film character is used to make the film and in the middle appears the name of the censor board official and who watched the film and gave permission to release the film.

Movie Parts

The application name appears in the lower left corner, which shows you the name of the film producer or the film business. In Part 1 usually appears in the next middle part U and U / A certificate does not have the Part 2 certificate.

But the Alphabet A does have the certificate in Adult Movies, for Part 2 this Part 2 certificate looks at the full details, of how many times the scenes were shortened, and the certificate of these two parts before the start of the movie. It is mandatory to show to the public and this is the rule of the Supreme Court.

Hope today we have learned new thing right so now onwards whenever you watch a movie start seeing this points, about the movie, share with your friends and know more about like this.