Advance Google Search India 2021.

Google site provide users with the most relevant search results. Most of the people don’t know how to search, when it come to search specific word, or not include specific word, or only some part of word to search when we don’t know exact word, ETC.

This google search provide millions and sometimes billions of search results can be overwhelming.

To search in advance level in google search engine, we listed here for you.

Note: There are So many operators to search in google, few are we provided below.

Use ” double quotes” for search ( Advance Google Search India )

1 Use ” double quotes” for search some things listed of words in double quotes. For Example: if we want to search specific website called BonSmartWay use double quotes like this “bonsmartway” click on search will see the all websites which have word bonsmartway

2 Use ” + “sign for add some word should also mention in search criteria. Like when we search about product pross and cons , use this terms, pros + cons

3. Use ” – “sign for without that word should mention. when we see unwanted word comes in website then this work for you.

4. Use “filetype:” enter filetype like “pdf”, “doc”, “ppt”, “XLS” ,etc. Searching for any files in the google search engine use this filetype and extension after the search keyword like profit and loss dashboards filetype: xls, this will find for you all the documents in xls format only.

5. Use * sign for when not remember complete sentences enter * and complete sentences. for example: we know just word of some song search word and * key and search, this will provide you all word that will related search.

Use “related” keywords for search

6. Use “related” keywords for search related websites. If we required to search any thing that related to other for example: search with related key, this will find you for related sites.

Next keyword for Advance Google Search India.

7. “Site:” “website name” and topic this search results in that particular site only, white browsing website if we want to know specific topic in a specific website, use this keyword “Site” and website name, than search topic, this will provide you all the topic from a specific website searched.

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