How to start a Business 2021: Complete step by step

How to start a business, if you want to quite this 9am to 5pm jobs,

or want to run as own boss of your business. then here is a simple steps explained below.

You can start a business without single dollar, or single rupee.

Yes exactly, you can start a business without single dollar, or single rupee, we have so many ideas came to our mind day by day. this is generally we ignore and move back to our routine world.

One idea can change the world

“No matter what people tell us

An idea can change the world”

Since internet ringing around the world, most of the people doesn’t know what internet it is, or what is a website. At the same time, if Jeff Bezone had no idea of ​​selling books online with the website

We all miss the most popular shopping website right now.

At the same time company employee did not want to start the same idea about business in India, then we will all lose the most popular shopping website

if you have idea then you can make success full business within 5 weeks.

Yes you can make success full business within 5 weeks. The book with the name of Side hussle.

here explained about how we have to deal with circumstances comes in business with 5 five week simple step process.

Week 1: Whatever idea come into you mind

In Week 1: whatever idea come into you mind just say welcome and write down one by one in a note book with idea pros & Cons.

but there is a three criteria to fulfill idea in better way.

1: Feasible :- check if the idea feasible, or not.

2: Profitable: check if the idea profitable , or not.

3: Persuasive: check if the idea persuasive , or not.

Week 2: Select the Best Idea.

In Week 2, after all you written down all ideas, then select “the Best ideas from in this”.

To identify the best idea here is simple steps provided below as table.


With the help of table you can identify which idea can be success full. select that idea which comes under high column place.

Make sure the best idea which is selected you have confidence on fullfile promises.

Make sure you have pitch to explain your audience and also set a price that can affordable your audience.

Week 3. Prepare for Lift off.

In Week 3. be prepared for lift off, arrange your workflow, make a business account, Set payment gateway for your idea.

Now a days in this digital world, We have more options available for payment process like, google pay, phone pay, etc, so that instantly transfer amount to the account.

Week 4. Lunch your ideas to the right people.

In week 4, lunch your ideas to the right people, initially when starting any kind of business jut start with trail versions,

Take feedback from customers, so that identify where should make changes.

We all know when our mobile phone get new version with updates,

The company release beta versions for some people to identify is it working well or not,

then only the company can release official version for all mobile phone update.

Week 5, Regroup and Refine.

In week five, regroup and refine your idea of business that works well or not in the market,

changes in business and Be focusing,
if business running smoothly with no hussle, then try to understand our business running, as we planned, or not, if the business running in average or its ok then just identify how to be better in this place

Find out if the business is running the way you expect it to be, if it’s not where it needs to be, if it’s not profitable, stop there and move on to the next idea for the business,

here if you stop business you will get experience about the business there is no loss in you, So you can start with better idea in next business.

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