Healthy habits for healthy life :)

Good daily habits can make a huge difference in your daily life and in your Health. If you are interested to know more what that habits are then keep reading here. Welcome back to a We are here to know you something nutritionist with a food health background. Listed here are some of the daily habits that have made a huge difference in our lives in various areas.
Such as our physical health, mental health and brain health
Before we go inside We wanted to say a few things so you know the context.

10 types Healthy habits for healthy life

1. Healthy habits for healthy life

The first thing to do with these daily habits is not to get used to it regularly or overnight for the past five years.

Second thing is even though these habits are daily habit, we do not force them to do them every day.

Especially when things are too busy or when things are too heavy. Sometimes things go a bit smoother and that’s fine.

When you make changes in your lifestyle, it’s not about perfection or it’s about your best work,

And it is generally recommended to try to do these exercises at least three to five times a week,

When a person is very depressed they think it will help to stay on track and help reduce stress.

The first daily routine is to drink a glass of water as soon as We wake up. Not just when we wake up and brush teeth, before go to the bathroom have a glass of water. We find that this has made a huge difference in morning energy levels as compared to other days.

When we sleep we do not take water and when we wake up we can lose a little weight and when we are exhausted our levels of fatigue rise.

There’s some science behind this – So Now the best thing you can do is start your morning by getting enough hydration and drink a glass of filtered water. If you feel like it, then you can also put a lemon in it. you don’t always do that and it’s usually at room temperature but if you like warm water it can also work.

This is about personal choice but drinking water in the morning is a good thing you can do for your energy levels.

2. Do Meditation -Healthy habits for healthy life

The second thing is meditating for 10 minutes every day. We to have doubts about meditation when We first started. We couldn’t believe it or didn’t think there was science behind it but in fact there is a real science. It can do things like reduce anxiety, can help you improve your body function, can help reduce pain. There’s a lot we can do, but for there is a big change is clarity of mind and we feel more quiet.

May be we are not a calm person by nature, we can seem humble on around the world, but naturally some not a calm person.

And Meditation – years of meditation have brought us to this point and we think there are many benefits to trying it out.

Now when you’re just starting out, meditation can seem very difficult and we will help you with two simple steps,

So the first one is to try to be more open by meditating at first. The first 10 to 15 times for me were very difficult.

We didn’t know what we were was doing and it felt depressed and it felt like doing it the wrong way. It wasn’t until the 15th or 16th session that we really got into it and started seeing profits.

So give it time. The second thing is that when you first try to meditate and guess where you are doing it alone. Guided meditation can really help you stay on track and can guide you in the process. We recommend to use an app called Calm.

3. Walk Every Day -Healthy habits for healthy life

we recommend to walk fast every day. Now we have to say may be you live in India or any other state so speeding out every day is not possible all year round! It doesn’t happen in winter but all year long we should try to go outside because we find it a stimulant to get some fresh air.

Getting sunlight and being in a green place and there are lessons that show that exposing the green variety is good for your health.

Now for some people say walking is not just a matter of emotional support – it is also a way for me to exercise.

And some Some of not a fitness person and never been a fitness person they just don’t like who knows who people like gym they would like to do that but they can’t about 150 minutes of moderate exercise or 75 minutes.

Walk over exercise so walking is good for heart work if you’re doing fast walking or if they’re running or jogging but a well-planned exercise type should involve more than just cardio we also like to include some weight training and yoga but especially want to talk about weed than most shy women especially because they think they will look their best.

4. Regular Gym – Healthy habits for healthy life

The World Health Organization recommends that adults do at least twice a week.
Why it’s so important when we suffer from muscle loss
or the normal part of aging is another common part is weight loss,
but we can reduce that process by one thing
No matter how old you may be in your 20s or 30s
it is never too early to start saving your muscles and maintaining your bone mass

5. Get advise by specialist -Healthy habits for healthy life

when you are starting out you should always talk to
a specialist and learn the right movements to do weight loss
or free weights but always talk to someone who knows what they are doing.

Don’t get hurt and then when you finally know what you’re doing you can always work at home that’s what use free weights and exercise at home if you are interested in the gym

Try to eat something raw every day rather than embarrassing but as a nutrition, may be we find it difficult to eat vegetables but did not grow vegetables so it is very strange to us but we understand that they are very nutritious and it is a good idea to get vegetables every day especially different types of vegetables get different vitamins and minerals if we are interested in points of nutrient density

6. Eat as more as possible -Healthy habits for healthy life

Eat at least Two or three brightly colored fruits and vegetables every day this is two to three we are recommending usually try to eat more, why it is important to eat bright fruits and vegetables you may have heard of the word eat a rainbow. and vegetables from different colors but different colors mean different phytochemicals which means they have different health properties some phytochemicals can help prevent cancer some can help with courage some can help with metabolism there are different reasons for having those phytochemicals and good idea to get different two or three vegetables and herbs from those different groups.

7.Relax with Music. recommending you to listen to relaxing music every night as a way to breathe so music has many different health benefits science is still emerging but what we have found is very interesting that natural sounds and relaxing music can help reduce stress can help reduce stress hormone cortisol if you are passionate about science, So try to listen to something very relaxing the flute maybe some nature sounds like leaves with things like a waterfall which is all very good to listen to at the end of the day as a way to breathe and relax.

8. Learn something new

We are try to read or learn something new every day and we love to do this because it is something we really enjoy. especially when it comes to brain health so as we get older the degeneration zin in our memories it is possible but mental motivation can reduce that decline for us it is a lesson we would love to learn new things it can be anything that works for you if you are a reader reading a fiction book and counting both have its benefits if you do not have anything to learn to learn a new language

you can watch something every day as a short caption on Ted Ed to learn something new about keeping your brain working and refreshed.

9. Reduce Stress

The speakers are not really good communication and this happens to everyone. It’s just the digital age in which we live. it stings an animal or a person – it can help you release oxytocin known as cuddle hormone or love and can help reduce stress

10. Avoid Mobile watching while sleeping

I avoid phone calls one hour before bed so Now a days people are used to be on my phone before bed and then may be we found it very hard to sleep because our brain was full everywhere it was mentally stimulated and the phones emitting something called blue light and that blue light is what your mind thinks they like when you’re on the phone and that blue light goes to your brain your brain thinks it’s not time to sleep so it won’t produce melatonin properly and it’s hard to fall asleep.

What we are talking about we tried to do,
if we turned off our phone for an hour or an hour and a half before sleeping as a flight mode,
so we don’t look for any notifications,
we don’t look for anything and thus we can sleep better,

We hope nothing this insight is useful and enjoyed it
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