What are the birds of prey?

What are the birds of prey?

The birds that feed on other animals are called the birds of the prey.

Some of the most common predators are eagles, hawks, vultures, falcons, kestrels and buzzards. Most birds are prey are strong fliers beaks and powerful talons or claws.

They kill their Prey with their strong sharp claws and then pull and tear the flesh with their narrow, hooked beaks.

These birds usually swallow large chunks of food.

The birds of prey ground and then pouncing upon its prey before is can escape.

Birds above the ground, they can detect the slightest movement of a its prey and catches it in its clawa.

Vultures are the biggest birds of carrion (dead animals)

The peregrine falcon while stooping on its prey can reach speeds of 350km/hr.

The earliest event occurred nearly 14 to 12 million years ago. This result seems to be one of the oldest dates published so far in the case of birds of prey

The below listed Common Names of various birds source from Wikipedia.com

The common names for various birds of prey are based on structure, but many of the traditional names do not reflect the evolutionary relationships between the groups.

Variations in shape and size

Eagles tend to be large birds with long, broad wings and massive feet. Booted eagles have legs and feet feathered to the toes and build very large stick nests.

The true hawks are medium-sized birds of prey that usually belong to the genus Accipiter (see below). They are mainly woodland birds that hunt by sudden dashes from a concealed perch. They usually have long tails for tight steering.

Buzzards are medium-large raptors with robust bodies and broad wings, or, alternatively, any bird of the genus Buteo (also commonly known as “hawks” in North America,

Harriers are large, slender hawk-like birds with long tails and long thin legs. Most use a combination of keen eyesight and hearing to hunt small vertebrates, gliding on their long broad wings and circling low over grasslands and marshes.

Kites have long wings and relatively weak legs. They spend much of their time soaring. They will take live vertebrate prey, but mostly feed on insects or even carrion.

The osprey, a single species found worldwide that specializes in catching fish and builds large stick nests.

Owls birds variable-sized. Typically night-specialized hunting birds. They fly almost silently due to their special feather structure that reduces turbulence. They have particularly acute hearing and nocturnal eyesight.

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