What is ATM card and how it works India 202.

Everyone wants their work to be done within few minutes without indulging in any complications and hard work. In this place nowadays banks are providing smart services to the account holders.

The bank offers the ATM card to the customer to withdraw money from the ATM machine anytime and anywhere. This ATM card comes with multiple security options for scanning at an ATM machine.

What is ATM card and how it works India 2021

This ATM card come with below details
1. Magnetic stripes.
2. Holo gram
3. Bank contact info
4. Signature area
5. Security code
6. Network logo etc.

Nowadays money can be easily drawn with this ATM machine, have you ever wondered, how this ATM works, or how the bank offers this machine to withdraw money to the user in seconds? Here we find out about this.

The ATM machine offers you basic banking services such as Withdraw Money or Deposit Money or many other banking services. The full form of ATM, automatic teller machine, some casually call it Any Time Money. The Bank strongly believes in the security provided by this ATM machine as this ATM machine is built with a combination of 400 (four hundred) different parts with a total machine of probably 200 kg. Each component works with a variety of strategies.

When the customer inserts the card into the Tyler machine, the internal ATM machine components activated. The ATM will prompt the user for the password once it detects if the user’s account already exists, whether this pass signal is original or available to the banking network to identify the user account, whether the card read first for the verification card is original or not. When the user type amount is required, the bank server sends a signal to the ATM machine for the available balance amount.

How ATM components work ( What is ATM card and how it works India 2021 )

The money get stored in the ATM block name called as Volts, in which four cassettes are available to store different types of currency notes. Each has the capacity to store different types of notes such as 100, 200, 500 & 2000.  As per RBI Guidelines ATM Cannot store more than 12lakh. In some cases, ATMs take permission from RBI to store more than Rs 12 lakh, but between Rs 24 lakh.

ATM machine parts work to count each note with sensor light, note size, vertical size, horizontal size, note weight, etc. If the machine does not detect any notes, it will try to reject this note.

After this now comes the money from the machine when the whole process done. The ATM machine takes 5 five seconds for 5 five notes to complete this whole process, Once this process is complete the bank server will provide the balance information to the ATM machine. These details are printed to the user. The whole process takes place inside the ATM machine within seconds.

Why Banks are believing this ATM machine, What security providing this machine?.

The ATM machine has an iron box 6 to 10 inches high and weighs 100 kg. This box can withstand a weight of 22 tons. If anyone tries to open it with fire or any iron rod, the signal is immediately give to the nearest police station. This volt protects the machine until the police reach the ATM machine, or if someone tries to pull an entire ATM machine with the help of a truck, The ATM then has a GPS network that can track where the ATM is traveling. If the volts of the ATM machine are broken, The ATM security password contains fluid inside the machine that applies to all notes if not opened correctly.

So providing this kind of security to bank and bank account holders, ATMs are available in many places.

So now you know how this ATM work, just imagine whenever you ATM to withdraw money.

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