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Website 1. (useful websites in India)

Some times we required some document to convert word to pdf, or its pdf to word, or one format to another one. For in this case in the online there is lot of websites available for now. we will suggest to website called Yes, this website provide free services initially but also they providing paid services also you can visit website to know more.

Website 2. (useful websites in India)

How to remove background of a image : Well for this nowadays there is lot of website available, but some work as we required, and some not accurately well, what we recommend for this to get best quality as well to remove background there is a website called “” yes this website will work absolutely as we required to remove background of image, for more info visit this website.

Website 3.

Study online with free: Yes, now this pandemic days you can learn study anything in online with free of cost
with website, called “”, this website has a content with video explanation providing, free of cost, there is No paid version and all content and videos are free to explain for student, or any one to learn, we recommend to visit this website to learn, something day by day.

Website 4.

How to create Logo, or ID card, or Banner anything like art work in online, there is a website called This website provide tools to create any kind of artwork that for creating logo or banner or any kind of art work, that you required. Here is available free template to create, this website has free version as well as paid version available for more info please visit this website.

Website 5.

How to learn anything faster. Well for this you have to visit, because this site update daily with useful information, that’s it you will learn something new daily.

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