If you do these 5 mistakes in the smartphone, it is risky! Risk of being hacked

If you do these 5 mistakes in the smartphone, it is risky! Risk of being hacked

Smartphone users must take some precautions.

Some mistakes should not be made in order to keep the data in the phone safe and not to be hacked. Follow the safety tips. These are five such important precautions.

Nowadays almost everyone is using smartphones. Especially the users of Android mobiles are high. More and more people are using smartphones for everything from entertainment to payments. Close friends, family members, and many people call for work. Valuable personal information is also stored in the smartphone itself. That is why mobiles should be used very carefully. In order to keep the data on your smartphone secure and safe from hacking, there are some mistakes that should not be made. See that. If you are making these mistakes, stop immediately.

No external apps to be install

Apps on Android smartphones should be downloaded only from the Google Play Store. Do not download apps from unofficial sources and third-party app stores. There is a risk of malware and spyware in apps installed from external sources. That’s why such apps become dangerous for your data on the phone. Hackers can steal your personal information and banking passwords. That’s why it’s better for Android users to download apps from Google Play Store only.

Don’t neglect OS updates.

Mobile brands often give updates to smartphones. Operating System (Operating System), Security (Security) updates are taken. It includes many new features as well as security related things. Even if there are any bugs, security related errors are fixed. That’s why it’s better to get updates as soon as possible. Along with the new features, the security is also better.

No old apps exist in your phone

Some people use old versions of apps on their smartphones. Updates are not coming. This is also a security risk. Apps update brings new features as well as fixing security bugs if any. Developers often add new security features through updates. That’s why if you see a notification to update the app, it’s best to update it without waiting for a long time.

Never connect to public WiFi

Don’t connect to public WiFi on your smartphone because it’s free. Using public WiFi and password less WiFi networks can be risky. Using public WiFi increases the risk of hacking. The risk of hackers accessing your device is high. Your data may be at risk of being stolen. That is why it is better not to use public WiFi.

Rooting a smartphone is not a good idea

Some root smartphones only to change the device software and UI. This approach is also a security threat. Rooting the phone and installing custom ROMs is not that safe. This increases the security risk. That’s why rooting a smartphone is not a good idea. Most people may not know the smartphone rooting process. Even those in the know should not root.