How to send Videos without sound from WhatsApp.

How to send videos from WhatsApp without sound effect.

On WhatsApp social media we send videos from one to another every day,

Some of these videos are important, or some are not, but when the receiver watches the WhatsApp video,

When clicked on the play icon, it plays with sound and volume, and WhatsApp video receiver does not like to watch video with sound,

So here is a method we have explained to those who do not want to send videos with voice or sound from Whatsapp.

Here is Whatsapp good news came that, now we can send videos that will play, but without sound effect.

This feature is newly launched WhatsApp team to it’s WhatsApp users.

To use this New feature just need to update your WhatsApp application with latest version from play store, that’s it.

After updating done with latest version. Just open application WhatsApp app, Just Click on chat section whom you want to send video.


Click on attachment icon, Go to Gallery Browse Video Select Video Adjust time Now just Click on Sound Icon to Mute.

After all arrangement done just click to send, Now When receiver seen video and when he press on play icon the video will play without Sound. Until he press on Sound icon to Unmute.

You can also convert gif file for a video. To make gif file of video select video and just click on icon showing gif and share this gif file but note this gif file will be create only video of 7 seconds.

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